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Lamp work beads

Submerged Murano Glass Beads

Venetian beads in Murano glass: beautiful, colorful, loved, and sought after, around the necks of women at the market and of men as an indicator of wealth or caste, present in voodoo sanctuaries and burials.

They were used in tribal, initiation and religious ceremonies, collected and catalogued.

Lampworking can be considered, compared to what takes place in the furnace, the other major branch of Murano glass-related techniques.

It results in a mostly solitary operation, during which the craftsman or artist finds himself face to face with the glass material to which he is ideally and practically connected through the flame of the torch, which he is using.

It is carried out using a non-perforated colored glass rod as a semi-finished product softened by the fire coming out of a gas-powered torch.

The bead maker wraps the barrel around a small metal tube, giving the bead the desired shape and decorating it with polychrome glass.

This technique allows making objects in the form of flowers, animals, human figures, etc.

The submerged bead owes its value to the overlapping of differently colored glass layers, thanks to the use of different rods, often with the inclusion of gold or silver leaf.

The “submerged Venetian glass beads” are among the most precious and brilliant.

That is because indeed gold or silver leaves are “submerged” in the glass, creating the soul of the bead and enhancing its colors.

The gold and silver leaves are created by beating the ingots until leaves or thin layers are obtained which are then used for the processing of the “submerged gold bead” and “submerged silver bead” respectively.

The sommerso is placed on top of a glass core together with grit and subsequently covered with other glass.

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Lenti _sommerso Oro murano glass necklace by costantini glassbeads

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