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Fiorato Murano Glass Necklace by costantini glassbeads

"Fiorate" Venetian Glass Beads

The universe of Venetian glass beads is immense and fascinating. Each bead has its own story and peculiarity.

To produce a glass bead you need: a heat source and thin glass rods.

The oldest technique dating back to the Phoenicians is that of winding: the glass paste was poured over a central nucleus, bone or stone, adding successive layers of different colors.

The so-called lamp work bead is a technique dating back to the seventeenth century which is obtained from a non-perforated rod heated with a flame (a lamp in the old days), then cast on a metal wire held manually and constantly rotating.

Among the best known “lamp work” beads are the “fiorate”, elegant beads decorated on the surface with motifs of roses, cornflowers and forget-me-nots, adorned with thin peaks (strands) of molten glass and often enriched with aventurine (a specialty of Venetian glass based on copper crystals).

They are also known as wedding cakes.

Of western taste, they were and are also much loved by Venetian and European ladies.

fiorato murano glass jewellery set by costantini glassbeads

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