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Costantini Glassbeads di Alessandro Moretti


Costantini Glassbeads di Moretti Alessandro company opened in 2006, but in reality it comes from a long family tradition, a tradition which has lasted for almost a century.

At the beginning, on the island of Murano, there were great-grandfather Ubaldo Costantini and grandfather Cleto Costantini who produced glass seed beads both independently and in collaboration with other partners.

When he was a child, Alessandro Moretti loved to spend his free time in his grandfather’s historic company, who, day after day, seeing the interest of his only grandson, began to explain to him the various stages of Murano glass processing and the secrets of the trade.

Even the workers, between one run and another pulling the glass rods which will later become beads, helped him to learn this ancient job.

And so did the skilful and talented ladies of Murano, who told stories while spinning long fringes for lampshades on looms.


Cleto Costantini
Ubaldo & Cleto Costantini

Welcome to the world of Costantini Glassbeads, a story that spans over a century of passion and craftsmanship.

Initially involved as a partner in the renowned “Costantini Meloni Moretti” companies and subsequently in “Costantini Valmarana“, Ubaldo Costantini undertook an extraordinary journey into the heart of the Venetian bead industry in the early 1900s.

Determined to shape his destiny, Ubaldo founded his own company, “Costantini Ubaldo”, over the years, becoming an icon in the industry. In 1966, he passed the baton to his two sons, Dario and Cleto (Alessandro Moretti’s grandfather). However, differences between the two brothers led to the split of the factory into two separate entities.

Cleto, with his experience in production, inherited the production part of the company, while Dario took care of the beads that were ready when Ubaldo retired. Over the years, the two companies have continued the tradition of beads, each with its own unique identity.

Alessandro spent hours watching his grandfather chop up the glass rods and turning them into glass beads and when his grandfather wasn’t watching, he used to run to play among the hundreds of boxes containing beads of all colors and sizes, some so small that they looked like sand.

Surely all this fascinating journey was for Alessandro the spark that prompted him to attend the State Institute of Art in Venice specializing in the glass sector and to graduate as a Master of Applied Art, thus learning all the techniques and types of Venetian glass, as well as designing it.

In 2006 he opened his own company Costantini Glassbeads di Moretti Alessandro, keeping his maternal surname in the company name, both for the strong bond with his grandfather and because over the decades this had become a brand known all over the world.

In 2006, Alessandro also took over his great-uncle Dario’s part of the company, thus expanding the family fortune. The beads that he now keeps in his warehouse represent a fascinating journey through time, from the first productions in 1900 to the end of production in March 2001.

However, unlike his predecessors, Alessandro decided to expand the production, inserting the typical working of Venetian lampwork beads. Production that he personally carries out by studying manufacturing techniques never used before and trying to get ever new glass beads from the fusion of glass rods with a traditional take, but, at the same time, aimed at modernity.

Each bead tells a story, a precious piece of craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation. Discover the timeless beauty of Costantini Glassbeads’ beads, where tradition meets elegance, and the past still lives in today’s jewels.


The production of Costantini Glassbeads by Moretti Alessandro ranges from “conteria” glass seed beads, Venetian beads produced with the ancient air technique, lampwork beads, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, fashion accessories, fringes for fashion or for lampshades, furnishing accessories up to the wedding favors.

As corporate and personal goals, Alessandro has the relaunch of the original Murano glass bead produced exclusively in the famous island, the research and development of new techniques and the maintenance and conservation of old techniques handed down since the times of the Serenissima from father to son, or in his case, from grandfather to grandson .




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